EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Spring 2015


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


1/7, Nadir leads
  • Langhans, Yeo, and Romps, Lagrangian investigation of the precipitation efficiency of convective clouds, JAS, 2015
1/14, Seeley leads
  • Donohoe et al., Shortwave and longwave radiative contributions to global warming under increasing CO2, PNAS, 2014
1/21, Nadir leads
  • Harrop and Hartmann, Testing the role of radiation in determining tropical cloud-top temperature, J Climate, 2012
1/28, Edman leads
  • Yano, Grabowski, and Moncrieff, Mean-State Convective Circulations over Large-Scale Tropical SST Gradients, JAS, 2002
2/5, with guest Harm Jonker (Delft)
  • Boing et al., On the Deceiving Aspects of Mixing Diagrams of Deep Cumulus Convection, JAS, 2014
2/11, Da leads
  • Raymond et al., The mechanics of gross moist stability, JAMES, 2009
2/18, Nadir leads
  • Trenberth and Fasullo, Global warming due to increasing absorbed solar radiation, GRL, 2009
2/25, Seeley leads
  • Huang et al, A Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Perspective of Weakening of the Tropical Walker Circulation in Response to Global Warming, J Climate, 2013
3/4, Edman leads
  • Chan and Shepherd, Diabatic balance model for the equatorial atmosphere, JAS, 2014
3/11, Suqin leads
  • Dawe and Austin, Direct entrainment and detrainment rate distributions of individual shallow cumulus clouds in an LES, ACP, 2013
3/18, Nadir leads
  • Kamae et. al., Rapid adjustments of cloud and hydrological cycle to increasing CO2: a review, Curr Clim Change Rep, 2015
4/1, Da leads
  • Practice talk
4/8, Wolgang leads
  • Thayer-Calder and Randall, A numerical investigation of boundary layer quasi-equilibrium, GRL, 2015
4/15, Suqin leads
  • Romps, direct measure of entrainment, JAS 2010
4/22, Nadir leads
  • Goodwin et al., Sensitivity of climate to cumulative carbon emissions due to compensation of ocean heat and carbon uptake, Nature Geo, 2014
4/29, Wolfgang leads
  • Zhao, An Investigation of the Connections among Convection, Clouds, and Climate Sensitivity in a Global Climate Model, J Climate, 2014
5/6, Seeley leads
  • Mauritsen and Stevens, Missing iris effect as a possible cause of muted hydrological change and high climate sensitivity in models, Nature Geo, 2015