Physics of Climate

Romps Group at the University of California, Berkeley

EPS 290, Topics in Atmospheric Dynamics, Fall 2018


This course covers current and classic papers in atmospheric dynamics with an eye towards aiding students involved in graduate-level research projects.

Wednesdays at 9:30
377 McCone Hall


8/22, Nathaniel leads
  • Reisner et al., Climate impact of a regional nuclear weapons exchange: An improved assessment based on detailed source calculations, JGR, 2018
8/29, Rusen leads
  • Yuter et al., Abrupt cloud clearing of marine stratocumulus in the subtropical southeast Atlantic, Science, 2018
9/5, Ben leads
  • Andrews et al., Accounting for changing temperature patterns increases historical estimates of climate sensitivity, GRL, 2018
9/12, Qindan leads
  • Nishant and Sherwood, A cloud-resolving model study of aerosol-cloud correlation in a pristine maritime environment, GRL, 2017
9/19, Seeley leads
  • Xia and Huang, Differential radiative heating drives tropical atmospheric circulation weakening, GRL, 2017
9/26, Alex leads
  • Aubry and Jellinek, New insights on entrainment and condensation in volcanic plumes: Constraints from independent observations of explosive eruptions and implications for assessing their impacts, EPSL, 2018
10/3, with guest Morgan O'Neill
  • Accessible environments for diurnal-period waves in simulated tropical cyclones, JAS, 2017
10/10, with guest Nadir Jeevanjee
  • Lecoanet and Jeevanjee, Entrainment in resolved turbulent dry thermals, QJRMS, 2018
10/17, with guest Daniel Swain
  • Swain et al., Increasing precipitation volatility in twenty-first-century California, Nat Climate Change, 2018
10/24, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Koll and Cronin, Earth's outgoing longwave radiation linear due to H2O greenhouse effect, PNAS, 2018
8/22, with guest Daehyun Kim
  • Adames and Kim, The MJO as a dispersive, convectively coupled moisture wave: Theory and observations, JAS, 2016, sections 1-5
10/31, Nathaniel leads
  • Morton et al., Turbulent gravitational convection from maintained and instantaneous sources, Proc of Royal Soc, 1956
11/28, with guest Craig Clements
  • Lareau and Clements, The mean and turbulent properties of a wildfire convective plume, JAMC, 2017
12/5, Yi-Chuan leads
  • Morrison and Peters, Theoretical expressions for the ascent rate of moist deep convective thertmals, JAS, 2018
12/19, Bolei leads
  • Colin et al., Identifying the sources of convective memory in cloud-resolving simulations, JAS, 2019